About Us

Our Mission

Crossroads Pregnancy Center is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. Our mission is to glorify God by encouraging women to choose eternal life through Jesus Christ for themselves and physical life for their unborn child.

A Safe Place

When a woman comes into our center, she has entered a “safe place” where she can be heard and where she can receive critical information pertinent to her situation. We take great care to treat each woman with respect and compassion.


Hannah Coyle, Executive Director

Pam Alford, Client Services Manager

Joy (Lori) Lyle, Nurse Manager


Board of Directors

Ms. Linda Forbus

Mrs. Tiphanie Ford

Mrs. Rebecca Holton

Mrs. Coralie King

Mrs. Mae Moore

Dr. Patrice Pierce

Rev. Phillip Stancil

Mr. Russell Thompson

Mrs. Jennifer Waddell

Mrs. Allison Wilkinson